Welcome to Okaya & Co. India Pvt Ltd (‘Okaya India’) As a management of Okaya India, we feel proud of the support and business value we create for our supplier and customers.

Being a trading and service-oriented company, Human resource is the core of everything we perform and shall remain on top of our priority list. Employee safety and satisfaction culture is deeply rooted in our overall business strategy and we are committed to providing necessary resources, support and trainings towards ensuring each and every employee performs its job with full job satisfaction.

With our Group’s illustrious History of over 350 years which required continuous evolution of the business approach, technological adaptations keeping in pace with each era and related challenges, Okaya & Co Ltd, Japan managed to evolve as one of the oldest publicly held company in Japan.

With Okaya India’s human resource strength, Group’s international network and experience, we are committed to extensively contribute to our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and society as a whole.

In Okaya India, we understand our responsibility towards community and performing our corporate social objectives. We are dedicated to contribute the under-privileged sector through performing regular CSR activities and upliftment of under-privileged sector.

Lastly, as a company, we shall continue to evolve and adapt ourselves towards everchanging business environment, new technologies, create new values for our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and contribute to society under our CSR initiatives to attain our common goal of becoming the “Best Sourcing Partner”.

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